This album is dedicated to my mother, Marion Zimmer Bradley (1930-1999) who inspired me to follow my dreams, come what may, and to imagine the sunrise over Stonehenge.

I grew up listening to my mother sing. Like many children, I was not aware at the time of the depth and breadth of her gift to me through music. Through her, I learned a great many folk songs and operatic arias, and she spurred me on to a lifelong passion for music.  The songs in this album are either songs she taught me, or songs I know she would have liked. I know she is better known for her books than for her singing, but let me share her with you through music.

Marion Zimmer Bradley was born in Albany, New York during the Depression, and grew up in terrible poverty on a dairy farm. Every Saturday morning while ironing, she would listen to opera on the radio, and dream of becoming an opera singer. She had often told me that “becoming a singer requires three things; health, talent and money,” and to her sorrow, all she had was talent.  Therefore, rather than pursuing that dream, she wrote her first book, “The Forest House” when she was sixteen. She wrote over seventy books during her lifetime, including the Darkover series, The Firebrand, the “Mists of Avalon” trilogy, and many others.

One result of her success was that she made it possible for me to study music, and to become the singer she always wished she could have been.

At nearly every performance I have ever given, someone will come up to me and say “I always wanted to play the harp, but I could never find a harp or a teacher.” If you are carrying a long-buried dream of playing the harp, my website has resources where you can find harp teachers, lists of Celtic and harp recordings you might enjoy, as well as addresses of harp societies and other things which can assist you in your quest.

Please feel free to write to me through the website with your comments and questions, and join the mailing list for updates on events and performances in your area.

--Moira Greyland