Frequently Asked Event Questions

Q: Do you play classical harp music as well as Celtic music?
A: Yes.  I play all the standard marches for weddings and familiar instrumental pieces, such as Mendelssohn's Wedding March, Wagner's Bridal Chorus, Pachelbel's Canon in D, Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, and Bach's Prelude 1 in C.  I play a wide variety of familiar instrumental solos based on popular pieces such as Sting's Fields of Gold, Enya's Only Time, and even Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven.  For a complete list, see my Song List tab.

Q: Do you sing with your harp at the same time?

A: Yes.  I sing many familiar love songs with my harp, including Celtic pieces like Danny Boy and Greensleeves, and your favorite pieces from Broadway musicals and movies including selections from Phantom, Cats, and Romeo and Juliet.

Q: Do you sing without your harp too, if I'm looking for an operatic performance?

A: Yes, absolutely.  I can perform many operatic arias with pre-recorded accompaniment, including Un Bel Di, Vissi D'Arte, Ebben, N'andro Lontan, O Mio Babbino Caro and Nessun Dorma.  I can also appear with a professional accompanist for an extra fee. 

Q: Do you ever do duets at weddings?  There is a song I really love that I want performed and a tenor sings it.  Can you do that?

A: Yes.  I can bring a tenor, a baritone, a mezzo-soprano (or all of the above) to your event for an extra fee.

Q: Do you have your own amplification?

A: I have two PA systems: a small one for small event locations, and a larger one for a larger or outdoor event location.

Q: Do I have to figure out every song for your show, or can you do that yourself?

A: I can plan your program for you: all you really have to do is to choose the marches if you are having a wedding, and choose any special songs and when you want them played.  All I need to know is the kind of music you want, and I'll make it happen for you.

Q: Do you need a chair for your harp?

A: I always bring my own chair, because the harp requires I sit at a specific height., so you don't need to worry about that at all.  

Q: Do you need a particular kind of surface to play your harp on?
A: I need a flat, level surface. I can go up or down a  few stairs as a courtesy.  If  many stairs are involved, there will be an extra fee because of the risk to the harp.

Q: Can you play your harp on the beach?

If you want me to play on the beach, I can bring a smaller harp and perform a more limited repertoire.