Links to Harp Sites

American Harp Society or AHS
For concert/pedal harpists
Membership will put you in touch with other pedal harpists including local chapters of the American Harp Society

International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen

Membership will put you in touch with other folk harpers including local chapters of the Folk Harp Society

Harps Etc

Jessica Siegel
Harp Rental in Northern CA,  Harp Purchase, Music Purchase and Harp Accessories.

Roberta Peek Harp Rental

(I rented my first harp from her: she is a doll!!)

The Harp Mall

A variety of harp-related resources including buying and selling harps, hiring musicians and finding harp teachers worldwide

Harp World, or Salvi Harps International

Purchase folk and concert harps, rent harps in Southern CA, find harp teachers worldwide, purchase music
This is the best place to buy or rent a harp.  When you go there, talk to Alexandra, who is an expert, and mention my name.
They will treat you right!

Sylvia Woods Harp Center

Harp Rental in Southern California, purchase music, purchase harps, huge selection of harp music and harp-related items.

Melody's Traditional Music and Harp Shoppe

Purchase harps, purchase music, much more!!