“Moira has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard”
—Marion Zimmer Bradley, author; The Mists of Avalon

“Moira’s voice is better than Beverly Sills. The album is rollicking fun, absolutely bang-up!”
—James Meredith, award-winning opera coach

“Well done!”
—Mary O’Hara, legendary Irish recording artist

“Man! I wish I had written that!!”
—Kristoph Klover, lead singer of Avalon Rising

“This album touched something very deep in me.”
—Mimi Lucas

“Moira is the real thing. She’s a star!”
—Katharine DeBoer, Ph.D, Vocal Chair, UNR

“She made the show!”
—Adam Winkle, from “Cats” on Broadway

—Redlands Daily Facts

“Moira Stern is to voice training as Stella Adler is to dramatic training. I’m getting cast in musicals now.”
—Anthony St. Martin, Actor, Director and Producer

“This is an important voice.”
—Olivia Stapp, legendary opera singer

“People were still buying Moira’s album and talking about Anthem For
America the next day. It was wonderful!
—Beverly Colgan, principal harpist, Reno Philharmonic

"Representng the El Sobrante Chamber of Commerce, I would highly recommend Moira Greyland. She was prompt, very professional, accommodating and she played the harp beautifully with an oustanding Operatic voice. She will definately be called to perform again."
-- Marie Carayani, First Vice-President, El Sobrante Chamber of Commerce

"Moira brought fun, joy,and a professional level of musicianship. She sang Gaelic folk songs, an operatic aria from Turandot which just astounded our audience at the Julian Library. Broadway music songs by Lloyd Webber captured our hearts. Her range of genres as well as her range of singing and Harp made for a full program. She was very friendly and accessible to the audience."
—Laurel Granquist Julian County library Arts & Letters committee

“Your CD, Avalon’s Daughter, arrived today. I played it immediately and it is quite
beautiful. I love the choice of songs and the clarity of your voice - not to mention the fine harp playing. The instrumental piece - Lament - is lovely and very haunting. You are truly a maker of beautiful music. I'll be playing it constantly for the next few days”
—Playwright John Misto

“I was struck by the depth of expression in Anthem For America. Moira have a lovely voice and
accompanies herself beautifully.”
—David Bugli, conductor, Carson City Symphony